For the love of exploring and embracing new things, ideas and activities.
Because life is full of opportunities. 

Here’s collection of all my personal sites I run:

Simply Inspired Business

Business Website

For the love of design, I build websites, personal branding and help with social media marketing. Working with Health and Wellness Professionals.

Life Simply Inspired

Lifestyle Blog

For the love of creativity, I enjoy and document simple pleasures in life: cooking, gardening, crafting and 2nd hand styling.

Soulmates From Hell

Blog & Podcast

For the love of love: I share stories and thoughts about relationships, love and the beloved soulmates. Soulmates from hell…

Personal Blog (in polish)

For the love of oversharing, I try to figure out why I am down when I am down, what to do when I am down and why it’s my mum who makes me feel down.